Keep Your Brain Healthy with Foods, Herbs and Games

Keep Your Brain Healthy with Foods, Herbs and Games

  • Sat., July 27, 2019
    10:00am - 1:00pm

This class is rescheduled for Saturday, October 12.

There are many new scientific breakthroughs on keeping our brains healthy. It has been found that watching television and electronic devices can lower the brain activity by 25%. Lack of healthy fats in the diet can be detrimental to the brain as well. Sleep stimulates what is known as the “glymphatic system,” which is the cleansing mechanism of the brain while sleeping. We will discuss how to optimize your brain health and share recipes of foods and herbs and games that support brain function.

Instructor: Candis Cantin, Integrative Herbalist, Counselor & Teacher

Price: $25

Location: American River Ranch in the Schoolhouse, 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Cancellation Policy: No refunds or class credits with less than 48 hour notice prior to class.