Donate Fruit from Your Tree

Thanks for Volunteering to Help Nourish our Community!

This form provides us with the essential information for arranging to harvest fruit from your property. If you need to update your information, please contact us. Keep in mind that while we would love to be able to harvest all the extra fruit in Sacramento, we may not be able to get to your tree immediately as we rely on volunteer labor and donations. Our primary harvest activities are our Spring and Winter citrus season events. Community-led neighborhood harvest groups facilitate fruit-gleaning throughout the rest of the year.

There are two options for donating your extra fruit:

  1.  We harvest and donate the fruit from your tree (enter your information below)
  2.  You harvest and donate the fruit from your tree: Locate a donation site near you >>

NOTE: If you currently rent the home where the fruit tree is located, we require written permission from the homeowner to enter/harvest.  This will be requested when volunteers come to harvest from your tree.

Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine

Many neighborhoods in Sacramento County are under quarantine for the oriental fruit fly. Please click the following link and enter your address to see if your home is in a quarantined neighborhood before submitting a request for donation. Check your address >>

Fruit Tree Donation Form