Local Farms and Partners

Eatwell Farm

Dixon, CA • 35 miles from here

Eatwell Farm sits on 105-acres of all organic, pasture-raised, down-to-earth farm heaven. We have been providing members with amazing, fresh-picked produce and pasture-raised chicken eggs for over 20 years. We grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables to ensure a year-round, diverse selection of the best produce to make certain that our cornucopia is as resilient as it is varied and sustainably-grown.

Full Belly Farm

Guinda, CA • 70 miles from here

Full Belly Farm is a 400-acre certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley north of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. Using organic practices since 1985 and certified by California Certified Organic Farmers, the farm grows and markets over 80 different crops, providing year-round employment for farm labor. Working toward a goal of integrating farm production with longer-term environmental stewardship, the farm uses cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil and plant habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife.

Good Humus Produce

Guinda, CA • 70 miles from here

Good Humus is a 30-acre diversified farm that produces mixed fruit and vegetables, herbs, flowers and value-added agricultural products year-round. Owned and operated by Jeff and Annie Main and their children Zachary, Alison and Claire, the farm is nestled in a small valley 45 miles northwest of Sacramento and 90 miles north-east of San Francisco. Jeff and Annie are fourth generation Californians who are continuing their agricultural heritage by caring for the land with sustainable practices, and are certified organic through the Demeter Organic Certification Program.

The Good Stuff

Sacramento, CA • 15 miles from here

The Good Stuff has been making preserves by hand in very small batches since 2012. Our products contain seasonal, locally grown, fresh produce and we never add any commercial pectin. We use fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of their season when they are the most delicious. We believe in promoting the small family farmer and feel that everyone should have access to fresh, quality produce. The Good Stuff is proud to contribute 5% of our sales to Soil Born Farms.

Grindstone Bakery

Sonoma, CA • 103 miles from here

Grindstone Bakery was founded in 1999 in Santa Rosa, CA. The bakers experimented with alternatives to modern wheat and created fermentation cultures for an authentic sourdough process. All Grindstone breads are certified organic, made with whole grains and seeds, and stoneground just before the dough is mixed. The loaves are authentic sourdough (no yeast), vegan, and GMO- and sugar-free. Naturally-fermented whole grains contain nutrients, protective antioxidants, lactic acid, bacteria and fiber, all beneficial to health.

Pachamama Coffee

Sacramento, CA • 13 miles from here

Pachamama Coffee, launched in 2006, is cooperatively-owned and governed by over 140,000 family farmers in Ethiopia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. Co-founder Thaleon Tremain manages all U.S. operations, which are governed by five board of directors, farmer representatives from Latin America and Africa. Farmer-owners retain 100% of profits generated from coffee sales, which allows them to invest in sustainable improvements for their farms. The coffee is grown under a shade canopy, certified organic by CCOF and roasted daily in Sacramento.

Riverdog Farm

Guinda, CA • 68 miles from here

Riverdog Farm is a 450-acre certified organic, diversified family farm that grows vegetables, fruits, nuts, and raises chickens and pigs. We are located in the beautiful Capay Valley where rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat, and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables. Since 1990 we have used a system of compost, crop rotation, cover cropping and hedgerow planting to promote a healthy ecosystem and soil. Our animals, raised on organic pasture, are integrated into our farming system, providing natural fertilizer for orchards and fields.

Root 64

Sacramento, CA • 10.5 miles from here

Root 64 is a 1-acre urban farmstead located in the Tallac Village neighborhood of Sacramento which grows and sells a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The farmers use ecological growing techniques, including low- and no-till, native hedgerows, inter-planting, drip irrigation and straw mulch. They strive to build a financially viable business that supports both farmers and their community. Their delicious, nutritious produce can be found at the Oak Park Farmers Market (May through October), at local restaurants and the Root 64 Farm Stand.

Soil Born Farms

Rancho Cordova, CA • Outside the door

Soil Born Farms empowers youth and adults to participate in a local food system that encourages healthy living. The farm is the heart of our nonprofit organization where we steward this land, training young farmers and gardeners while learning, demonstrating and practicing regenerative agriculture principles. We grow delicious, seasonal vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for our neighbors, chefs, the Co-op and Veggie Rx farm boxes. We are committed to growing, harvesting and donating produce to local food Certified Organic banks for families in need.

Terra Firma Farm

Winters, CA • 43 miles from here

Terra Firma Farm is a 200-acre CCOF-certified organic farm that has been growing vegetables and fruit year-round for over 20 years. The farmers follow ecologically sustainable agriculture practices that protect and build the soil, conserve energy and water, provide habitat for wildlife and produce more nutritious fruits and vegetables. Terra Firma Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture project serves the San Francisco Bay area, Davis, Sacramento, Vacaville and hometown Winters and their produce is sold in retail stores, co-ops and farm Certified Organic stands within a 70-mile radius.