Field Trips

Our youth programs and field trip opportunities are extremely valuable experiences for the youth and volunteers we serve. While each experience is unique, we weave in themes of healthy eating, cooking, and active living practices into each of our hands-on interactions with agriculture and the natural world. In addition, upon your request, we aim to incorporate themes that are currently relevant to your classroom lessons. Due to the nature of our programs and because of the wild and delicate nature of the farm’s environment, we are able to accommodate only one class/group at a time (35 youth maximum plus an additional 8 adult chaperones).

Please note that, at this time, only dates in the current semester are open. Dates for next semester (January–May) will open up at a later time once we know more about the impacts of COVID-19 on the current school year. If you would like to sign up for an Exploration series, we can schedule your first two dates now and your second two dates later in the year.

Discovery Field Trips

One-time farm visits for pre-K through grade 12

Organic farming meets academic standards as participants engage in hands-on interactions with agriculture, native plant restoration projects, healthy food habits, and nature explorations. Group field trips include a farm tour, hands on activities, nutrition education, and service projects. Kids meet the farmers, the farm animals, and explore the natural wonders of the farm! Trips are led by credentialed and certified educators who help guide students towards a deeper understanding of the local food system and ecosystem. Discovery Field Trips for preschool through 2nd grade are two hours long from 9am to 11am. Discovery Field Trips for pre-K through high school are three hours long from 9am to 12pm.
$15 per student ($225 minimum per field trip)*
$5 per adult (8 adults free)
Min/Max group size: 15-35 people

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Exploration Field Trips

Series of farm visits for grades 1 through 12

Ranch Exploration Series: Students take a journey through the seasons with a series of four field trips to the American River Ranch. Students learn about soil fertility, food production, planting and tending native and food-bearing plants, irrigation, organic garden design, seasonality (featuring fresh snacks from the farm!), and hands-on tasks in the Youth Garden. Participants explore all aspects of the American River Ranch from the field, to the forest and the American River Parkway. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of sustainable agriculture in an urban setting along a riparian corridor.

Creek Exploration Series: Students take a journey through the seasons at the farm with a series of creek-based field trips. Four field trips to the American River Ranch lead youth towards connecting with food, health, and the environment through hands-on tasks and studies along Cordova Creek, including water quality and conservation, native plants and soils, local wildlife, and stewardship projects. The Creek Exploration is designed to address Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will walk away with a deep understanding and appreciation of restoring native plants, establishing creek habitat, and of the environment of the American River Parkway.
$80 per student*
$5 per adult (8 adults free)
Min/Max group size: 15-35 people
Please read the additional info docs provided below.
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New! School Visits

We are pleased to add School Visits to our field trip opportunities for the 2021–22 school year for schools that are unable to attend off campus field trips at this time. Soil Born Farms Youth Educators will visit your school to lead your class in a variety of hands-on activities, songs, and games in your schoolyard or garden for 3 hours. These experiences are a great way to bring our farm to your classroom! We will be choosing grade level appropriate activities and will discuss these options with the educator in advance.

Price: Flat fee of $350 per class.

Classes may choose one of the following themes for their visit:
The 6 Plant Parts (ideal for grades K–2) Students learn about the 6 plant parts that we eat and the special adaptations these plants have to survive.

The Ecosystems Around Us (ideal for grades 3–6) Students learn about our local ecosystems at the farm and by your school including the plants, animals and bugs we often find. Please note that we are only able to visit schools in the Sacramento and Rancho Cordova areas at this time (~15 miles from the farm).

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Virtual Field Trips

Online Farm Visits for Grades K–6

Bring the farm home to you through our Virtual Field Trip Portal. Take a tour of the American River Ranch and engage with us through videos featuring our favorite songs, stories, and snacks. We include an online packet of standards-based activities to further engage your students with information they will learn on their trip around the farm. Interested in free access to our virtual field trip guide? Contact us >>

Grades K–2: Let’s Explore the Farm
Students will explore the farm, meet our chickens, listen to stories and songs, try a fun new snack and learn about the 6 plant parts.

Grades 3–4: Life Cycles on the Farm
Students will explore the farm and learn all about life cycles, both at the farm and at your home! Includes additional activities to help you discover life cycles at play in your own backyard.</p.

Grades 5–6: Watersheds and Farmland
Students will explore the farm and learn about our local watershed here at the American River Ranch. Includes additional activities to help students learn about organic farming and how to be water wise.

Before signing up for a field trip, please review these additional info documents:

*Soil Born Farms may be able to offer financial assistance to low-income schools, groups or individuals. For more information on financial assistance, contact Lacey >>

Sample Field Trip Agenda

Note: Times and activities change with the seasons and other variables.

9:00-9:15 Welcoming Circle & Introductions

9:15-9:30 Safety & Orientation

9:30-10 Farm Tour, healthy walk around the farm

10-10:15 Explore Youth Garden, taste test, scavenger hunt

10:15-11:15 Various service projects: Youth will work in the Youth Garden or restoration site and play an educational game or make a nature based craft

11:15-11:30 Eat a farm fresh snack, take a break

11:30-12 (12:30 for Exploration groups): Possibly hike and have lunch by the river or lunch in the garden