Harvest Sacramento

Growing an Edible City

harvestsac189x98Harvest Sacramento Edible City Initiative, a project of Soil Born Farms, is a collaborative effort of area residents, non-profits, community groups and businesses that harvest surplus fruit and vegetables from backyards and small orchards and donate it to local food assistance agencies.

Harvest Sacramento germinated from a seed planted by two area residents, Mary McGrath and Robin Aurelius, who were pained by the sight of rotting oranges piled in the streets of East Sacramento every spring. A grassroots campaign to harvest oranges in the McKinley Park area engaged over 30 volunteers and donated about 3,000 pounds of fresh citrus to the Sacramento Food Bank in early 2009. From this success it was apparent that with more organization and effective outreach, substantial contributions of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the entire year could greatly enhance the offerings of local food assistance agencies. With the continued support of the founding and new volunteers, Soil Born Farms has taken a lead role in tending this young seedling that we know as Harvest Sacramento. The true strength, longevity and effectiveness of this project is directly proportional to the level of direct community involvement. Please support us by volunteering a few hours of your time. Volunteer opportunities with Harvest Sacramento >>

Harvest Sacramento provides opportunities for volunteers to engage in direct and tangible service to their community, and we believe in its benefits:

  • Work and gather with new people
  • Celebrate the bounty of harvests through community meals and potlucks
  • Provide the opportunity for those in need to support themselves and gather some of their own food
  • Teach residents how to grow, cook and preserve their own food

Donate Fruit From Your Tree >>

Neighborhood Harvest Groups

Our network of neighborhood harvest groups is always looking for more community volunteers to help find new trees, organize the harvests, and of course, to pick the fruit!

Active Neighborhoods

Harvest Arcade: Ashley Hammock, HarvestArcade@gmail.com, (916) 800-8080
Harvest College Greens/La Riviera: Kristin Goree, HarvestCollegeGreens@gmail.com, (916) 668-9964
Harvest East Sacramento: Nanci Kuzins, nkuzins@hotmail.com, (916) 455-9259
Harvest Hollywood Park: Christina Maradik-Symkowick, HarvestHollywoodPark@gmail.com, (916) 524-2754
Harvest Land Park: Patricia Sturdevant, HarvestLandPark@gmail.com
Harvest Meadowview: Amaya Weiss, amaya-weiss@scusd.edu
Harvest Midtown: Stephen Smoker & Cameron Preston, HarvestMidtownSac@gmail.com
Harvest North Oak Park
Harvest North Sacramento: Kathy Anuszczyk, kathy.sunflower@gmail.com, (916) 747-4398
Harvest Carmichael: Dusty Gallaway, HarvestCarmichael@gmail.com
Harvest Rancho Cordova: Autumn Eberhardt & Karl Hass, HarvestRanchoCordova@gmail.com (210) 781-7544
Harvest Rosemont: Eileen Reeder & Scott Anderson, HarvestRosemont@gmail.com
Harvest South Oak Park: Chanowk Yisrael, HarvestSouthOakPark@gmail.com

Neighborhoods Seeking New Leadership

Harvest Rancho Cordova
Harvest Tahoe Park
Harvest Land Park
Harvest South Land Park
Harvest Colonial Heights
Harvest Curtis Park
Harvest Carmichael
Harvest Arden

New Neighborhoods in Active Development

Harvest Avondale Glen Elder
Harvest Fruitridge
Harvest Elk Grove

For more information or to get involved with Harvest Sacramento’s programs, contact Neighborhood Manager Nick Anicich.
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