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Saturday at the Farm

This Week at the Farmstand: December 15

End the Season on a Festive Note at our Holiday Open House

Purchase Unique Gifts and Soil Born Farms Mugs and Limited Edition Home Grown Tees
Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Meet our Farmers Happy Hour from 11:30am to 1pm
End of the Season Sale (bread, popsicles and more)
Healthy Holiday Appetizers, Demo Recipes and Tastes

Fresh from the Field

This week, stock up on: Greens: Escarole, frisée, Bel Fiore chicory, baby bok choy,  Napa and Red Napa cabbage, Gem lettuce heads, salad mix, dandelion greens, arugula and chard; Alliums: Garlic; Herbs: Culinary herbs, herb bunches to make tea; Misc:  Fennel, radishes, salad turnips.

Phoebe’s Tea & Snack Bar • 8am to 12:30pm

We’ve added our signature hot beverages to the menu: fresh brewed herbal tea, hot spiced apple cider, chai and Coco-Cocoa! Enjoy freshly-baked scones, muffins and more from Magpie Café and listen to music in the barn.

Eat Your Veggies Demo • 8:30am to 12pm

Learn how to prepare seasonal produce in simple and delicious ways. Tasting samples, recipes and nutritional information will be available.

Millie’s Mercantile & Greenhouse Garden Gift Shop

Get a head start on holiday shopping. We have a unique selection of practical gifts and tools for cooks and gardeners. You’ll find great stocking stuffers and sustainable items to support a healthy lifestyle and the Earth. We have culinary and medicinal herbs, handcrafted garden boxes, quality organic seeds and more. Purchase a limited-edition Home Grown T-shirt and USA-made ceramic Soil Born Farms mugs. Proceeds support the restoration and development of the American River Ranch Center for Food, Health & the Environment

Fun for Kids • 8am to 12:30pm • FREE

Kids’ Activity Tent: Make nature ornaments from nature at our kid’s activity tent located near the Farmstand checkout.
Enchanted Youth Garden (Weather-dependent): Calling all fairies, elves, gnomes and nature spirits, follow the signs, come play and explore. Build fairy and gnome homes, construct a toad abode and create a magical fairy door to take home.

Live Music: Millington Strings • 10am to 12:30pm

Location: American River Ranch, 2140 Chase Dr., Rancho Cordova.

We encourage you to bike or walk to the ranch, bring your shopping bag, and take a self-guided tour around the farm. Cash, credit card and EBT accepted.

Support the Harvest Fundraising Drive

Fund-a-Need: Put a Drop in Our Bucket

We need additional funds to invest in priority needs for each program beyond our budgeted fundraising goal of $200,000. Funding a need will be a game changer for our programs. Cash, check, card or pledges accepted. Donate online >>

Our programs are currently in need of these items:

Mini-Jack Tincture Press

Our herbal studies program teaches people how to care for themselves and their families. students learn how to make herbal tea, cook with herbs and prepare natural medicine for healing using plants they can grow in their own backyard. We want to show people how to make herbal extracts and oils using a Tincture Press. This will provide students with practical experience and increase the value they receive from classes we offer. We need this important tool to launch a micro-business using organic herbs grown at the farm to make a line of herbal products that will help fund the work of our nonprofit organization and train youth. ($565)

John Deere TX 4×2 Electric Utility Vehicle

With 55 acres to manage, the farm needs an all-purpose vehicle. This extremely mobile and durable vehicle will prove indispensable for miscellaneous farm projects like moving produce and supplies from the field to our packing shed. ($7,000)

Compact Needle Seeder: Bouldin & Lawson with Extra Plate for Plug Tray

Soil Born Farm grows all its vegetables from seed. That’s 5,000 plants seeded by hand, one seed at a time. We need to automate with a Compact Needle Seeder. We can make 100 trays of plants per hour and spend more of our time weeding and less time seeding. ($3,725)

Eight Heavy Duty Adjustable 6-ft tables and
Outdoor Washing Table with Sink

Have you ever tried to prepare food on a table that is lower than your kitchen counter? Or cooked outside without having a place to clean up? These tables will provide our Eat Your Veggies mobile cooking education program a great deal of ease when we are working at our partnering school sites with excited children, during classes or at our demonstration booth on Saturdays. When students range in size, these tables are perfect for any teaching moments. ($1,000)

Set of Harvest Tools for Two New Neighborhood Gleaning Groups

Harvest Sacramento works with over 500 volunteers annually to harvest fruit and donate it to local food lockers. By adding another set of tools to our library, we will be able to harvest an estimated 5,000 more pounds of fruit for donation each year. Tool kits include: six picker poles ($210); a six-foot ladder ($70); a ten-foot orchard ladder ($250); four pairs of harvest snips ($60); four wearable harvest bags ($200). (Total: $1,580)

Roots & WingsScholarship Fund for SBF Youth Programs

Scholarships allow youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend our enriching programs at the American River Ranch and help build important connections to the natural world, the farm, their health and their community. Experiences here can have life-long impacts on youth, our farm and our planet. The requests are far greater than our current budget. This fund will support field trips, summer camp experiences, after school programs, teen empowerment and job training. ($1,000)

Growing TogetherProfessional Video to Document the
Impact of the School Garden Initiative

Help produce a powerful video in partnership with professional artist and videographer John Fortes. This marketing tool will document the deep impacts of school gardens throughout the region through the eyes of students and educators. It will help attract and garner resources for our Growing Together School Garden Initiative and help our team lead the way in transforming the vision of a garden in every school in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital into a vibrant reality, one campus at a time. ($2,500)

High-Quality NSF Commercial Stainless Steel
PORTA-GRILL for Culinary Program

Our Culinary Arts Education program needs a new, dependable commercial outdoor grill. Grilling is a cooking method that we teach to both youth and adults as an essential practical skill used in the preparation of healthy food. This beautiful piece of kitchen equipment would be utilized at our Eat Your Veggies demos, Cook’s Camp, Culinary Arts fundraisers and cooking classes. ($3,250)

Plant Help: Two Phytotronic Misting Kits, A Trident Single Zone
Mist Controller and Two Sliding Greenhouse Doors

Each week we spend 10 hours+ watering our vegetable, herb and flower starts in our greenhouse which, at times during the summer, gets as hot as one hundred and thirty degrees! Help us upgrade our greenhouse, improve ventilation, reduce labor and increase our ability to grow the highest quality veggie, herb and flower starts for your gardens, schools and our fields. ($1,500)

The impact Soil Born Farms has on the Sacramento community is astounding. Their thoughtful and holistic approach to the region's food system is revolutionizing the way Sacramentans eat.

Leo C. Buc - Co-Executive Director, Common Vision

Projects & Programs

  1. Harvest Sacramento

    A collaborative effort of area residents, non-profits, community groups and businesses which harvest underutilized fruit and vegetables from backyards and small orchards and donate it to local food assistance agencies.

  2. Grow Your Groceries

    A beginning farmer and gardener training program designed to provide knowledge and hands-on experience to the aspiring urban grower. Our instructors are experienced masters of organic agriculture and horticulture and experts in farm entrepreneurship.

  3. Eat Your Veggies

    Cooking demos and educational projects at the farm stand and in the community.

  4. Growing Together

    Teacher training program supports the Garden in Every School movement, established by Delain Eastin and includes hands-on trainings and an annual symposium.

  5. Eat the Rainbow

    eatrainbow_171x107An educational program promoting healthy eating habits and adventures in the culinary arts

  6. Flower Power

    flowerpower166x104Flowers and herbs home-grown on the farm…

  7. Roots & Wings

    roots_wings200x110Our youth education program focuses on experiential, hands-on learning in the natural world and in the kitchen. Activities include: field trips, classes, workshops, farm tours, summer camp and job training.

  8. Farmer Training

    Soil Born Farms offers a unique apprenticeship in sustainable agriculture on an urban community farm. Through a combination of hands-on field work, formal classes, field trips and reading discussion, this intensive experiential education aims to train the next generation of organic farmers in the Sacramento area. The farming apprenticeship also provides a valuable foundation for those interested in working to address issues of food security, social justice, and public health. More info >

Our Goals

Local Organic Food Production

Create, manage and support urban organic farms and gardens that are accessible to the public, permanently protected for future generations, and that practice and promote responsible land stewardship.

Community Education

Develop a food and environmental education program focused on service and experiential learning in the natural world and in the kitchen for youth and adults. Activities include classes, hands-on workshops, tours, job training and youth leadership development.

Food Access for All

Address food security needs by developing alternative food distribution and food donation programs that target our underserved communities.

Reconnect with the Land

Bring people together to celebrate cultural diversity and share the simple pleasures of living life in harmony with nature.

Featured Classes

Bird Walks

Saturdays, December 8 & January 19 • 8 to 10am

Take a guided walk around the ranch and learn about the birds that live in the American River Parkway. Ideal for beginner to intermediate birdwatchers. *Proceeds support the American River Ranch Restoration & Development Fund. Instructor: Cliff Hawley.
Register for December >>
Register for January >>

Intro to Urban Backyard Beekeeping

Saturday, January 26 • 1 to 4pm

Are you planning to start your first backyard beehive this spring? Or are you just curious about urban beekeeping? Do you consider yourself a beginner beekeeper and want to learn new strategies or brush up on your beekeeping skills? Instructor: Rachel Morrison, The Beecharmers.  Register >>

This workshop will cover the basics for a successful start to backyard beekeeping and topics will include:

  • Choosing hive style and using basic equipment
  • How to talk to your neighbors about your new hobby
  • When, what and hows of hive inspection
  • How to spot the queen (or know when she’s not there!)
  • Integrated pest management strategies
  • Common hive problems and solutions
  • Honey extraction
  • Winter beekeeping checklist