Youth Education

Cultivating Leadership, Stewardship and Healthy Futures for All

Alyssa Kassner

Gao Ly Yang

Alyssa Kassner

Shannon Hardwicke

Alyssa Kassner

Alyssa Kassner

Alyssa Kassner

Shannon Hardwicke

Alyssa Kassner

Soil Born Farm’s Youth Education program creates a space for curiosity, learning, and empowerment. By connecting youth to food, community and the natural world, we cultivate leadership, stewardship and healthy futures for all.

The Youth Education program focuses on two areas of education. Our Roots and Wings program provides farm-based educational experiences at the American River Ranch in Rancho Cordova. The Growing Together initiative focuses on supporting school gardens in the greater Sacramento Area. Both programs work together to provide youth the opportunity, both on- and off-site, to experience powerful connection with the natural world, hands-on learning, stewardship of the environment and delicious and healthy food.

Cultivating Stewardship

Cultivating future stewards of our earth is about first cultivating love for our earth. We provide youth with experiences that invite them to feel a sense of awe, wonder and appreciation for the farm their school gardens and our environment.

Building Connection and Awareness

Our programs connect youth to the natural world, themselves and each other through hands-on experiences. This builds awareness of our place as humans on this earth and our relationship with the plants and animals that live in our communities. We invite quiet moments of observation that allow youth to connect with their space as well as their inner voice. We work to cultivate a sense of community and comradery with their peers.

Encouraging Physical Health

Connecting youth to their health can have positive impacts for the rest of their lives. When youth have a role in growing, harvesting or preparing food, they are more likely to enjoy healthy eating. By participating in meaningful work in gardens, youth engage in physical activities they enjoy while building strength and endurance.

Inspiring and Empowering Youth through Education

Hands-on learning gives students the tools they need to enact change and become leaders. Working in gardens provides youth with both short- and long-term rewards. It is empowering for youth to see the positive impacts they can have on the land and in their community. Our program cultivates nurturing behaviors, connects science content to the real world and inspires youth to get their hands dirty for a purpose.

Key Initiatives

Roots & Wings
Growing Together

Something to Crow About

  • 3,000 home garden kits (plants, seeds and science tools) were distributed to students.
  • 40 teachers received standards-based virtual curriculum to encourage science learning at home and in the natural world.
  • 250 teachers from SCUSD, SJUSD, FCUSD and student teachers from CSUS were trained on site and virtually in Next Generation Science Standards to facilitate successful, engaged learning in outdoor environments.
  • 350 students returned to safely participate in field trips, homeschool classes and summer camp at the American River Ranch.
  • 75 dynamic, educational videos were created for students to support distance learning and are now available to the public.
  • 600 vegetable seedlings from our greenhouse were planted at ten school gardens with support of CSUS interns
  • 10 CSUS interns supported Growing Together school garden initiative and Roots & Wings youth education program

Praise for Our Programs

From Students:

“I love coming to Soil Born Farms. It is peaceful and I always have a great time.”

“We got to help harvest the pumpkins for the farm stand. This was fun because it was OK to get dirty.”

“I really love our school garden and learning about plants and bugs.”

From Teachers:

“I can’t wait to share this compost lesson with my students. Our compost pile will be vital to our lesson on beneficial insects.”

“The experiences at Soil Born Farms have helped unify my students tremendously. I love the field trips because every student can participate and be successful.”

From Parents:

“You have single-handedly gotten my daughter to eat and like vegetables. Trips down the produce aisle will never be the same.”

“It was wonderful to see my child so joyful and engaged.”