Summer Day Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What do the youth do during Summer Day Camp?

This year our camps have different themes every day! Some days we will focus on gardening and growing food. Other days we will be cooking with various farm fresh ingredients or connecting with the natural world by hiking to the river. All of our camps use play and creativity to build connections to the gardens and ecosystems around the American River Ranch. Little Sprouts camps are geared towards little ones exploring the farm and engaging with all of their  senses. All camp sessions are immersive and hands on, guiding campers naturally towards learning and growth. Camp curriculum is flexible and educators may adapt plans based on the interests and desires of a camp group.

What are your Saturday Kids Activities? Are these an extension of your camps?

We know that our campers have busy summer schedules. That’s why this year we are excited to offer additional kids activities throughout the summer on Saturdays throughout the camp season for families that want to enjoy the farm but may not be able to join a whole camp session. While campers are off exploring the farm and having fun, parents are welcome to enjoy our Saturday Marketplace or head out to do your weekend errands. Our Saturday activities are one time, 3 hour experiences for students ages 6-11. We offer two sessions of each

How do I sign up for Summer Day Camp/Saturday Kids Activities?

Participants can register and pay on Soil Born Farms website. You will receive a confirmation email when you have registered. You must complete an online Camper Info Packet  in order to finalize your registration. It is necessary that all campers complete the Camper Info Packet as soon as possible in order to complete the registration process. Campers cannot attend camp if they do not have one on file at least one week in advance.

What if I need to cancel?

If you must cancel your camp registration you will be eligible for a full refund (minus a $25  processing fee)) if the cancellation is made at least 3 weeks before the camp starting date.  Cancellations received with less than 1 weeks’ notice will not be eligible for any refund unless a replacement is available to take your camper’s spot.

If you must cancel your registration for a Saturday Kids’ Adventure you will be eligible for a full refund (minus a $5 processing fee) if the cancellation is made no later than Wednesday 8:30 am before the date of the Saturday adventure that you have registered for. No refunds for cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to the activity.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. For those hoping to receive financial assistance we require a completed Scholarship  Application along with a completed Registration Packet. Please submit necessary paperwork as  soon as possible. Your financial information will be kept confidential. As a non-profit we have  limited amounts of scholarship funds so please consider paying any amount you can, it all  helps! Soil Born Farms works hard to make sure that each family’s needs are met as best as we  can and staff will contact applicants as soon as possible to let them know what we can award. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please contact us at

Where does Summer Day Camp take place?

All Summer Day Camp sessions take place at the American River Ranch. One day each week, our farm camps will venture to Cordova Creek and the American River Parkway but drop off and pick up is still  at the American River Ranch. You will receive an email with detailed drop off/ pick up instructions the week before your camp.

Where is the American River Ranch?

The address is 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670. There is a visitor parking lot to  the right of the driveway. Please park in the lot and walk your camper up to the check in table to  sign them in every morning.

What time is Summer Day Camp?

All Summer Day Camp sessions are from 8:30am to 1:00pm except for the Little Sprouts session which is from 9:00am to 11:30am.

Do you have before and after care?

No, at this time we are unable to offer before or after care for campers. Please drop off your  camper no earlier than 8:15am and pick up your camper no later than 1:15pm.

How many campers are in a session?

There are 30 spots available for each camp session offered other than Little Sprouts which is limited to 20. These numbers allow us to maintain a high camper to staff ratio to ensure safety  and high quality programming.

Can siblings be in the same camp?

Yes, as long they are in the same age group session we are happy to have siblings in the same  camp.

Can a camper attend a camp if they are outside of the designated age range?

No. Camps are geared specifically for different age groups, and in order to deliver high quality, age appropriate experiences we cannot make exceptions or accommodations. We also offer multiple camp sessions that span different age brackets.

Do you offer camps for middle schoolers/teens?

We are not currently offering summer camp programs for youth over the age of 12. If you have a teen who is still interested in getting involved with the farm or volunteering to help out as a jr. counselor, please contact us at

Do you offer camps for kids ages 3 and under?

Due to the wild nature of the farm, we currently only offer programming for students who are potty trained, able to follow directions and stick with a group, and comfortable without their parents for a few hours at a time. Because of this, our programming begins at age 4.

Will you have Cooks Camp this year?

No, this year we are trying something new! Rather than having a week long Cooks Camp, each of our camp sessions will have a cooking day. Campers will get to harvest from the field and prepare a snack/meal together with our culinary arts team, just like Cooks Camps in the past. We are so excited to be able to offer cooking experiences to all of our campers this summer!

Do you have restroom facilities at the American River Ranch?

Yes, we have 2 public restrooms and 2 port-a-potties at the America River Ranch. All but one of the port-a-potties are handicap accessible.

Is the farm site wheelchair-accessible?

At this time, wheelchair access is extremely limited at our farm. Most of our pathways are dirt, mulch, or gravel at the farm, and can be uneven/bumpy. We are making site improvements to provide more wheelchair access in the future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns.

Do you let campers swim while at the American River?

No we do not. It is the law that children under 13 years old wear a life jacket, so we provide life  jackets even when only putting our feet in the water or playing near the water’s edge. We do not  let kids swim but will bring water blasters down to the river and spray campers who want to get wet. We will also visit Cordova Creek and let campers wade in the safe, shallow waters of the  creek.

Is there a snack offered during camp?

We harvest and eat from the farm and garden every day! Introducing students to healthy fruits and vegetables is very important and we source as much food from the farm as possible. Some snacks include melon, peaches, cucumbers, carrots and hummus, cherry tomatoes, berries and more. That being said, we do ask campers to come prepared with a good snack of their own to eat during our designated snack time.  Please pay extra attention to the dietary needs section of the Registration Packet so we can make accommodations if necessary.

Can I send my camper with their own lunch/snack?

Yes, please do! We will only offer lunch for Farm Camps on Wednesdays, when we cook a meal together during camp. Campers should bring their own lunches on the other days of the week, and are welcome to bring lunch on Wednesdays as well. Our snacks are delicious, but are sometimes on the smaller side, so we recommend that campers have their own snack as well to round things out. Little Sprouts does not cook a lunch together. We will only eat at designated snack/lunch times determined by Soil Born Farms staff. Please provide peanut-free snacks!

What should my camper bring with them?

Campers should come wearing sunscreen and should bring a hat, water bottle and any other  clothing required to be comfortable in the heat. Campers must wear close toed shoes as well. Whether cooking or gardening or hiking, campers may get messy, so they should wear clothes  that are okay to get dirty. For cooking days, we recommend that campers with long hair have their hair pulled back into a ponytail or braid.

How should youth prepare for Summer Day Camp?

No experience or prior knowledge about gardening, cooking or hiking is required for any of our camps. We ask that youth come with an open mind, curious spirit and willingness to engage in new and potentially challenging experiences.

Covid-19 Policies at SBF

Our farm follows all CDC and local guidelines when it comes to Covid-19 safety. Our team of educators are all vaccinated and boosted  and we promote vaccinations for all students. We do not currently require masks for students during outdoor activities at the farm. Please note that our class policies are subject to change as CDC guidelines, local guidelines, and our farm’s policies are updated throughout the year. You will receive our updated policies in a welcome email closer to your camp’s start date. If you have further questions regarding our Covid-19 policies, please feel free to contact us at