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Sun-Dried Peaches


Fresh peaches

Cooling rack with a baking sheet or  a mesh screen

Cheese cloth or mesh screen food cover

Glass jars or plastic storage bags


  1. Wash fruit and remove any blemishes if any.
  2. Slice fruit in ½ inch wedges.
  3. Place cut fruit on a cooling rack with a baking sheet or a mesh screen. You just want something that has plenty of air flow.
  4. Cover fruit with cheese cloth or a mesh screen food cover.
  5. Place fruit out in a warm dry sunny spot. Best when temperature is over 85 degrees. Bring fruit in overnight.
  6. Rotate fruit every six hours when in the sun.
  7. Fruit is done drying when it appears wrinkled, is leathery but not stiff, and if you rip it in half there are no moisture beads.
  8. Store in glass jars or plastic storage bags.