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Standard Salsa Recipe


4 red tomatoes chopped [Number depends on size. Don’t chop too fine.]
1 onion diced
2 peppers diced [If you don’t like it spicy start with an Anaheim pepper, or work you way up to a de-veined jalapeño. If you do like the spice you can go with the spiciest peppers you can find, but you don’t want the heat of the pepper to overwhelm the quality of the pepper flavor. As a result I usually don’t get much hotter a good jalapeño with seeds .]
A handful of cilantro [Or more, in my book you can’t have too much cilantro, but some people are not fond of the taste]
A squeeze of lime juice and salt to taste.


  1. Eat with every meal.
  2. But wait, you might say. That is the simplest recipe ever. Which is why you develop you own signature salsa. Perhaps yours will include grapefruit juice instead of lime, pineapple juice or black beans. That is the beauty of a dish served with every meal, you have endless opportunities to perfect your own style.