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Leafy Greens Storage and Use

Leafy greens begin to lose vitamin C and other nutrients from the moment they are picked and so are very vulnerable to nutrient loss.


Glass or plastic storage container
Paper towels


Refrigerate as soon as you get home and use the salad mix within a few days for optimal freshness.
Line a glass or plastic storage container with paper towels, add the salad mix in and cover greens with another layer of paper towels before locking down the lid. Leave plenty of space in the container so the lettuce is not jam-packed. The paper towels will help absorb excess moisture from the greens and keep them from getting slimy, slowing down the wilting process. A hard-sided container will also protect the leaves from getting knocked around or bruised by other foods they might sit against in the refrigerator.
Wash only right before consuming and use a salad spinner after washing to remove excess water.
Use a lightweight dressing and use it sparingly. Drizzle a vinaigrette or use just a hint of olive oil and lemon to dress your greens. Heavy, creamy dressings can weigh down tender greens.
Add dressing just moments before the salad is served. Baby mixed greens wilt quickly so you don’t want them to stand for too long. Enjoy!