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Freezing Arugula in Oil

Preserving arugula in olive oil and freezing it helps seal in the flavor!


Cube tray or pie tin
Freezer safe containers or bags




  1.  It is so easy, just wash, dry and chop arugula leaves.
  2. Add the chopped greens to an ice cube tray or a pie pin and fill with good quality oil to about 80% full, leaving some room for freezing expansion.
  3. Stick in the freezer until totally frozen, about 1-2 hours, then pop out of the ice cube tray or pie tin. If using a pie tin, break or cut off pieces.
  4. Store in freezer safe containers or freezer bags until use. Fresh tasting arugula in olive oil is great sautéed with other veggies, used in a salad dressing or drizzled over pizza or pasta.