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Easy Tomatoes


In your box you may find any of these varieties of heirloom tomatoes:
Cherokee purple (large and purple-red)
Tigerella (small, orange, stripey)
Striped German (large, orange, yellow)
Green Zebra (The small green and yellow striped)
The cherry tomatoes are called Sungold and they are unbelievably sweet.

Heirloom tomatoes should be eaten when they give like a ripe avocado so if they are a bit hard wait a couple of days for them to soften up.
Also, don’t refrigerate your tomatoes, it will negatively affect their taste.


  1. With tomatoes this good, whether they are heirlooms, cherries, or new girls (the red variety we grow) I would recommend enjoying them for what they are.
  2. This fruit needs little doctoring. Simply slice them, put them on a plate, drizzle a little olive oil, perhaps some balsamic vinaigrette, and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper.
  3. Oh, we must not forget a sprig of basil to complement the extraordinary complex flavors.
  4. If you want to put this on some whole grain bread, all the better.
  5. A true delicacy to be enjoyed in these summer months!