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Braised Beets and Balsamic Reduction


olive oil
chopped onion
balsamic vinegar
goat cheese, optional


Wash the beets and the greens.
– Cut the greens from the root to use later.
– Some people then peel the beets but I don’t mind leaving the skin on.
– Quarter the beets into wedges depending on how big the beets are.
– Put them into a medium sized sauce pan with a half a inch of water.
– Steam until soft and you can put a knife through it with out resistance.
– Heat olive oil and butter in a skillet, when warm add chopped onion.
– Caramelize the onions.
– Lower the temperature and add the beets and balsamic.
– Cook on low heat until the balsamic is thick and reduced.
– Add salt and pepper to taste.
– You can grate a little goat cheese on top to finish it, and the dish goes great with
Enjoy your winter box!
(The beet greens can be eaten like any other greens)