Saturday, March 9 • 9am to 5pm • $75 • American River Ranch

Enjoy a day of inspiration, nature and rejuvenation at Soil Born Farms without leaving the city. Start the spring season off with simple, practical tips for making self-care part of every day. You will hear inspiring personal stories woven with cutting edge research, helpful lifestyle suggestions, cooking, self-healing techniques, nutrition and herbal wisdom. Gather insights and tools that will help you feel your best and stay healthy with the seasons. We’ve planned a day that includes presentations, movement, hands-on activities and nourishing meals. There will be time to ask questions, relax, set your personal intentions, enjoy the American River Ranch and visit with presenters and guests. A light breakfast, delicious organic lunch and afternoon tea will be served. Come make the connection between food, health and the environment. You’ll feel refreshed and motivated to take good care of YOU!
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8:30 to 9am Check-in & Breakfast

9am Welcome & Review the Day

Morning Session

9:15am (choose one):

Outdoor Yoga

with Summer Ward, Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Summer’s teaching is grounded in nature. This class will be a blend of breath work, along with intentional movement. Her style is intuitive and accommodating to all levels. (you can bring your own yoga mat or borrow one)


Nature Walk

with Alyssa Kassner, SBF Youth Educator & Naturalist
Take a moment to get grounded and reconnect with yourself and the environment. Allow the natural world to capture your curiosity, engage all of your senses and inspire gratitude on a peaceful walk around the farm.

10:20am Guided Meditation & Journaling

10:45am Establishing Good Habits

with Rev. Candis Cantin, Integrative Herbalist, Counselor & Teacher, EverGreen School of Integrative Herbology
Ayurveda proposes three stages in the quest for good health: Routine, daily and seasonal activities to prevent illness, purification and palliative therapy for disease, and rejuvenation of the system to enhance health and quality of life. Ayurveda’s preventive medicine is called SVASTHAVRTTA, establishing oneself in good habits. And its salient principle is that one must reject excess in everything. Harmony and health are possible only when everything in life is enjoyed at the proper moment in the proper amount.

11:30am Caring for Your Inner Clock

with Maxine Barish-Wreden, MD, ABIHM Medical Director of the Institute for Health & Healing in Sacramento
Longevity is affected by many things, including our nutrition, sleep, and exercise. But did you know that the timing of your meals, exercise, and sleep may also have a profound impact on your health and longevity? Dr. Max will explore how the body’s natural biological rhythms, also known as circadian rhythms, may be a key contributor to our long-term good health by optimizing our metabolism and ensuring the healthy expression of our genes.

12:30 to 1:30pm Lunch served in the Farmhouse Kitchen & Patio

Enjoy an organic salad bar of your dreams, homemade soup and special treats. The lunch is sponsored by Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and prepared by our Culinary Arts Team.

Afternoon Session

1:30pm (choose one):

Herb Walk & Talk

with Rev. Candis Cantin, Integrative Herbalist, Counselor and Teacher and Daylin Wade, Clinical Herbalist and Community Educator, Owner, Taproot Botanicals
Meet near the outdoor theatre and explore the farm and herb gardens with Candis and Daylin. Learn how to wildcraft herbal medicine in your own backyard. They will share tips for growing, harvesting and making herbal remedies. We will be offering medicinal herb starts and products for sale from Soil Born Farms and Taproot Botanicals.


Gorgeous Greens 3 Ways Cooking Class & Tasting

with Terese Hollander Esperas, Cooking Instructor, A Healthy Kitchen and SBF staff
Emerald Spinach Soup (so velvety and rich you won’t believe it’s dairy-free and quick to make), sautéed garlicky greens (everyone needs this in their repertoire) and a vibrant smoothie with greens, ginger and lemon.


Senses, Massage & Movement

with Ann Sibbet, Co-Owner, Integrative Therapy & Learning Center
Selecting aromatic plants begins this class; with a brief share about the aromatic properties. We proceed to sit on stools for a self-massage sequence to awaken the senses and prepare the body for movement. Our class continues with gentle spine exercises, connected with breathing, seated and standing. Adapted from GYROKINESIS ® (GYROTONIC® Expansion System by Juliu Horvath).

2:45pm Spring Herbal Tea Tasting • Intention Ritual • Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Dana Marie, THY NATURE. Demonstration using crystal bowls and other instruments.

3:30pm Self Care Panel

Facilitated by Janet Zeller, Founder & Co-Director Soil Born Farms
Inspiring conversation about self care with a cook, farmer, activist, educator, herbalist, doctor and yogi.

4:30pm Closing Circle

Special thanks to the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op for supporting the meals for this event.