A Healthy Start to the Weekend

Open Air Organic Produce Stand

For our customers who prefer to shop in person and choose their own produce. With the aim to provide you with an abundant selection of organic produce every season, we are honored to sell organic produce from our own fields and from family farms and orchards in the region. For the best selection order online and choose the walk up option on Saturday. We’ll have everything packed and ready to go. If you see something else you want, you can buy that too. EBT accepted. Opens at 8:00 am.

Greenhouse Garden Shop & Fruit Tree Nursery

New Fruit Tree Varieties Available!

Our 2023 bare root trees have finally rooted-in to their pots! We have an assortment of varieties available, all chosen for their adaptedness to this region. Plant them now before the summer heat kicks in and water them thoroughly through deep, infrequent intervals. Available now through our online marketplace and in-person on Saturdays:

  • Figs: Tiger Panache, Improved Brown Turkey, Black Mission
  • Apples: Fuji and Pink Lady
  • Plums: Beauty
  • Pears: Comice, Warren and 20th Century
  • Nectarines: Double Delight, Snow Queen
  • Cherry: Stella
  • Peaches: Elberta, O’Henry, Redhaven, Snow Giant, Arctic Supreme
  • Olives: Arbosana, Mission Black
  • Apricots: Tomcot, Gold Kist
  • Pluot: Dapple Supreme
  • Mulberry: Black Beauty

Coming Soon:

  • Persimmons: Chocolate, Fuyu and Coffeecake
  • Pomegranates: Eversweet, Parfianka, Wonderful

With hot weather approaching you can shop for herbs and fruit trees near the Open Air Produce Stand and Milly’s Mercantile. We’ll be open every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. All plants are organically grown with love and selected for the Sacramento area. Pick up high quality potting soil, compost, garden tools, books, seeds and chat with our educators. Or shop at our Online Marketplace to check out our selection of fruit trees, herb seedlings and garden goods. Order Tuesday from 5:00 pm through Thursday at 9:00 am. We’ll have your order ready to pick up at our drive-thru farmstand on Saturday by appointment. The Greenhouse will be open again in late August bursting with cool weather crops just in time for fall planting.

Milly’s Mercantile

Milly’s is located inside the farmstand building. You’ll find local farm goods, pantry staples, heirloom beans, organic spices, seeds, books and handcrafted products, Camina bread, Real Pie Company pies, homemade soup and more from our Farmstand Kitchen and beautiful floral wreaths from Full Belly Farm. We offer earth friendly products including Beeswrap, safe garden products, compost buckets, wool dryer balls and reusable straws. We are proud to feature the creations of local artisans. Check out the local, unique and practical gifts we offer in Milly’s Mercantile. Open 8:30 am – 1:00 pm, or shop online Tuesday 5:00 pm – Thursday 9:00 am for drive thru pick up on Saturday.

Phoebe’s Tea & Snack Bar

Voted One of the Best Pit Stops on the Bike Trail. Phoebe’s has moved to the Farmhouse Kitchen Patio with table seating. We’ve added a something special every week from the Farmhouse Kitchen. We serve Pachamama organic coffee, organic tea blends, Chai, cold beverages, FatFace popsicles, healthy snacks and delicious baked goods from Real Pie Co., Camina, Old Soul Co. and our very own Farmhouse Kitchen. Live music starts at 9:30 am. Stop by on your next bike ride, hike or farm visit. Phoebe’s is open 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Named after a beloved cow, Phoebe’s Tea & Snack Bar is a micro business created to provide on-the-job training for our Teen Empowerment Program.