Call to Action

On April 18, 2024 at 10 am the Lower American River Conservancy (LARC) will consider a $2 million dollar funding proposal from Soil Born Farms to build a new animal barn. Currently there are no facilities at the American River Ranch to properly care for farm animals whose presence on the land is critical for us to achieve the dynamic environmental stewardship and education goals of our project that benefits the American River Parkway and Sacramento community.

The Animal Barn Will Advance These Important Goals:

Regenerative Agriculture

Rotational grazing will be used to restore soil fertility, capture carbon and build soil biology, all fundamental functions of a regenerative agriculture system.

Environmental Stewardship

Eliminate invasive weeds, reduce fire fuel, establish grassland, support wildlife habitat establishment, support creek health and eliminate the use of toxic chemical herbicides, all critical needs of our American River ecosystem.


Provide appropriate shelter for the animals that are an integral part of the Cordova High School’s Agriculture Academy located adjacent to the American River Ranch. This will be a gamechanger for students enrolled in the program and will provide opportunities to introduce thousands of children to farm animals, humane animal husbandry, ecological land management in addition to engaging  the visiting public.

Three Simple Ways You Can Support Us Today!

Sign Our Petition

Sign our petition online to express your support of our animal barn proposal.

Sign our petition in person at the Welcome Tent when you visit the farm on Saturday mornings between 8 am and 1pm.

Email a Letter of Support

Address your letter of support  to the Lower American River Conservancy at explaining your interest in the animal program and asking to “Please support Soil Born Farms’ Animal Barn project.”

Show up in Person

Join us at the public meeting on April 18 at 10 am. The meeting will be held at California Natural Resource Agency headquarters first floor auditorium, downtown Sacramento at  715 P street. Or attend this meeting online via Zoom.