EverGreen Herb Garden Articles

by Rev. Candis Cantin

Keeping Your Eyes Bright and Healthy

Whether you are in your younger or older years, it is important to consider the nutrients for maintaining healthy eyes. Most of us don’t think about our eyes very much until something goes wrong with them in our later years, but it is important to be mindful of healthy eye health at all stages of our life. Read article >>

Your Brain and Gut are Connected

In recent years, the scientific community has shed an amazing amount of information about our gut health. One is the discoveries that not only is the brain in your head doing the work but actually there is a brain inside your gut too called the enteric nervous system. Read article >>

Lifestyle, Herbal and Food Suggestions for Seniors

This article is an introspective one for me as a senior in my 60’s! It is an odd feeling to grow older, being amazed at the number of years behind me – and fewer years to go on the other end of life. Read article >>

Immune Builder and Digestive Tonic Soup

At this time of year we are thinking about how to stay warm and healthy during the dark, wet and cold months. One thing we have to remember is that this is the time of year when we may want to be more reflective about our lives as well as take more time for cooking soups and sharing them with people that we love and enjoy being with. Read article >>

A History of Herbal Medicine for Herbalists Part I:
How the Arabs Saved Greek Sciences

From Egyptian, Greek, Arab, East Indian and Western European roots, I have found is a rich, colorful and surprising array of characters, circumstances, wars, religions, societies and cultures that have engendered the herbal and medical traditions that we currently have in the modern era. Read article >>

The Importance of Minerals

Minerals are amazingly prevalent in our world and have a great relevance to all forms of life. Read article >>

Breathing Deeply

We often take our breathing for granted. But for those with allergies and asthma, breathing can be an effort and create anxiety. Read article >>

Tonic Herbs: Supplemental Therapy

Rejuvenation and regeneration are prominent in the herbal philosophy and pharmacopoeia of oriental systems of healing. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine refers to regenerating herbs as tonic or supplemental herbs. Read article >>

Healing Herbs in the Spice Rack

If you come down with a cold or flu during the winter months, use spicy herbs that are warming to the interior and help expel the illness by sweating. Read article >>

The Sustainable Herbalist: The Sustainable Life

We are seeing herbal medicine reaching many people in our society. There are increased numbers of herbal students, practitioners, and schools engaged in learning and promoting the use of herbal medicine. Read article >>

Western Herbalist’s Use of Ayurveda in the Clinic

Ayurveda is the ancient healing tradition of India. Literally translated it means, “wisdom of life” and was a part of the ancient Vedic culture and texts. Read article >>

Using the Six Tastes of Herbs to Determine a Formula

The Western herbal and medical traditions have placed a heavy emphasis on understanding the physiological actions of drugs and herbs and their effect on the body. While this information is useful, it leaves the herbalist with many gaps in our knowledge. Read article >>

Herbs for Teeth and Gums

Many of the clients that I see have had rather serious dental problems, from root canals, gum disease, crown, bridges and deep pockets. Read article >>

Herbs for Safe Travels

One of the problems with traveling is that the digestive tract and gut do not do well with flying or driving to new places. Read article >>

A Delicious Way to Use Herbs

Many times when people think about using herbs they think that they have to take pills or extracts. However, there are many other ways in which to ingest these wonderful green healers. Read article >>

Ancient Medicine: China

The Chinese have been practicing herbalism and what would today be termed holistic healing since the dawn of their civilization. Read article >>

Ancient Medicine: The Asklepios, Greek Medicine 400 BC

Imagine yourself in Athens around 400BC. You overhear two physicians discussing their patients in a language that is not unfamiliar to us: arthritis, crisis, asthma, hypochondria. Read article >>

Honey, Propolis and the Ancient Egyptians

Looking toward our ancient past, there has been very sophisticated forms of healing, much of which is now lost in the modern times. Read article >>

Castor Oil for Healing

Castor oil is an ancient healing remedy that has come back into prominent focus over the past few decades. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis also known as the Palma Christi, (translates as Palm of Christ.). Read article >>

Women’s Health Issues – Vitex – An Aphrodisiac

Women many times are confused as to what herbs they should take for maintaining good health. It is important that we attempt to educate ourselves with healthy therapies so that we can know how to go through our various growths and changes with greater ease. Read article >>


As Ayurveda, the healing philosophy of India, becomes more popular in the West, the herbs from that region also gain recognition. One of these herbs is Ashwagandha, Withania somnifera. Read article >>

An Herbal Story about My Eye

When I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with mild myopia with astigmatism. Since that time I have used glasses for driving or watching movies. Read article >>