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Weekly Online Marketplace

Drive-thru Farmstand Pickup on Saturday

The marketplace features organic produce, prepared foods, seedlings, fruit trees and an assortment of organic pantry and baked goods that we have curated from local farms, bakeries and businesses (see details below). Our intention is to create a safe, one-stop shopping experience that will support you and our favorite farmers, bakers, artisans and entrepreneurs as we move together down the road to recovery. We will be adding new items along the way.

Order and Pickup Schedule for the Week of September 28

Order Online: Tues., Sept. 29 from 5pm through Thurs., Oct. 1 at 9am
Prescheduled Order Pickup: Sat., Oct. 3 between 8 and 12pm
Please note: The farm is closed to the public at this time. Stay in your car and we will load your purchases. Wear face coverings and maintain physical distance.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to schedule your pickup time after placing your order.

Look for the big green button in your confirmation email that you will receive after purchasing your products. This link will take you to a form to schedule your pickup appointment. Please arrive at your scheduled time to keep things on track.

Did You Know
Our Market Match Program helps your CalFresh EBT dollars go further. Receive dollar for dollar Market Match discount* when you purchase vegetables, fruit and fresh cut herbs with CalFresh EBT through our online Marketplace. Email a list of the items you would like to order AND your phone number to Our customer service team will call you and take your EBT payment over the phone. Please note that some items may sell out before we can process your order. *Maximum $20 Market Match given per week/while funding lasts.
Pickup location: American River Ranch, 2140 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.
Cancellation policy: The cut off time for cancelling or changing orders is Thursdays at 9am, when the store closes.

Highlights This Week


Veggie Rx Farm Pack
Offering the benefits of a CSA box with the flexibility to order only the weeks you want it. There are two convenient pack sizes to meet your veggie needs. The Individual pack (4 items) is $15 and the family pack (8 items) is $25. Each pack is filled with good nutrition based on what we have in the field ready for harvest. When you purchase produce from Soil Born Farms you are helping us continue our mission to train beginning farmers and inspire everyone to choose, cook and grow healthy food.

Pastured Eggs from Common Kettle Farm
Fuji Apples
Golden Delicious Apples
Asian Pears from Otow Orchard (Yoi, New Century & Shinko)
Angeleno Plums from Orangevale Fruit Company
Winter Squash from Full Belly Farm (Red Kuri, Delicata, Sugar Pie, Red Kabocha, Honey Nut & Acorn)
French Breakfast Radishes
Prospera Basil
Salad Mix
Fresh Black Eyed Peas from Full Belly Farm (a limited offering)

We are approaching the final harvests of peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. Enjoy them while they last.

Milly’s Mercantile

Local Baked Goods
Chicken Pot Pies from Real Pie Co. (frozen, bake at home)
Real Pie Company Traditional Apple, Jumbleberry Rhubarb Raspberry Pies
Old Soul Co. Pumpkin Muffins and Fig Scones (new)
Grindstone Bakery Spelt Sourdough Bread with Sprouted Seeds
Camina Organic Sourdough Country Bread (with Kalamata olives or plain)
Camina Croissants (chocolate or plain)
OneSpeed Pizza Dough (add your favorite toppings and bake)

Local Pantry Goods
Heirloom Beans from Rancho Gordo (new)
The Cloverleaf Farm Organic Fruit Leather (Peach, Elderberry Plumarine or Apricot)
Viet Kieu Sauces (Vietnamese Spicy Ginger and Authentic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce made in Rancho Cordova)
Pachamama Coffee Beans (French Roast & Peru)
Soil Born Farms Organically Grown Herb Tea Blends (Breathe Deep, Take the Edge Off & Health is Wealth)
Fuller Herb Blends (four outstanding blends to choose from)

Farmhouse Kitchen Prepared foods

The farmhouse kitchen is taking a break this week and will return to the marketplace next week with something new. As we head into Autumn and prepare for the changing seasons, our bodies crave warm nourishment. The Farmhouse Kitchen will be transforming into a seasonal soup kitchen, offering a line of comforting and healing soups made from beautiful organic produce, quality sourced local ingredients and, of course, a healthy dose of love. We will have at least two soups to choose from each week made from homemade stocks and broths and fortified with herbs and other healthful, nutrient-rich ingredients to fortify your body and soul.

Greenhouse Garden Shop

Veggie Rx Farm Pack
Fall is an excellent time to plant fruit trees, culinary herbs and cool weather vegetables. Our greenhouse is bursting with healthy seedlings ready to grow in your home garden. Our fruit tree nursery has 21 different varieties available. We select plant and trees varieties that will thrive in this climate. Check back each week to see what’s new. We have organic potting soil, compost, worm castings, seeds, garden tools and wine barrel planters. Choose from Soil Born Farms collections or individual pots and 6-packs.

Walking Onions (3.25″ pot)
Also known as Egyptian Onions, these are a cross between common and Welsh onions. Rather than flowering, these onions produce bulbils at the tops of their leaves. These bulbils fall over with time and replant themselves, causing the plant to “walk” throughout the garden.
Cover Crop (3- and 6-packs)
Mixture of mustard, vetch and oats. Plant these crops in an empty garden bed or around your fruits and vegetables. They will add important nutrients back into the soil, help loosen up the soil and protect it from eroding until you plant your next round of fruits and vegetables!
Red & Green Leaf Lettuce (6-packs)
Mara des Bois Strawberries (6-packs)
Summer Thyme or Common Chives
Fall Flowers: Calendula, Borage and Snap Dragons (6-packs)
Herb Posey
A mix of fresh culinary herbs including lemongrass, lemon verbena, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary and chive flowers and bay leaves. The posey can be dried.
Seasonal Flower Bouquets
Autumn Foliage Bundle

Fruit Tree Nursery Pick: 
Fuyu Persimmon trees are delightful additions to your edible landscape. Also called Apple Persimmons, these non-astringent medium-size fruits have a flat shape and are crunchy when ripe. The tree is hardy and does well in cool or hot climates and is practically pest-free. The orange fruit is packed with fiber and vitamin A and ripens in mid-fall.

Marketplace Reviews

We would like to thank you for sustaining us this summer with your Saturday Farm pickups. What a pleasure to choose from such an array of delicious possibilities, from local farms to the Real Pie Company to Old Soul to your Farmhouse Kitchen. We have truly been spoiled, but also sustained during the pandemic and amid our smoke-filled skies. By the way, the bouquet of flowers I received on 9/19 was exceptional. I filled 3 vases and took pictures to send to friends, welcoming the Fall Equinox. Thank you for spreading the Earth’s bounty at a most difficult time in our lives.


Veggie Rx packs, vegetables, fruit, pastured eggs and culinary herbs

Farmhouse Kitchen

Featuring prepared foods made with our freshly harvested certified organic produce and quality locally sourced organic ingredients. Take home nourishing and delicious veggie-centric dishes made from recipes that you have come to love at Saturdays at the Farm. Culinary educator and longtime caterer Terese Hollander leads this new endeavor with our culinary arts team. We are grateful to our friends at OneSpeed for generously granting us the use of their kitchen for this new venture.

Greenhouse Garden Shop

Seedling collections, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, potting soil, compost, worm castings, family activity packs, seeds, garden tools, compost thermometers, cut flower bouquets. Fruit tree sale on select varieties, $25.

Milly’s Mercantile

Local Goods from our friends at Full Belly Farm, Common Kettle Farm, Terra Firma, Yisrael Family Farm, The Cloverleaf Farm, Real Pie Company, Grindstone Bakery, Camina, the Good Stuff, Pachamama Coffee, Carmazzi Caramel Corn, FatFace Popsicles, OneSpeed, The Beecharmers, Salt and Savour and Old Soul Co.
Herbal Goods tea blends, salves, tinctures, soap, incense
Organic Pantry & Tools for Sustainable Living
Books & Gifts
Soil Born Farms T-shirts, Mugs & Hats

Customer Service is Available to Help:

  • If you return to the online store to make a second order, please email us and let us know so you can pick up all your items in one time slot.
  • Our Market Match Program helps your CalFresh EBT dollars go further. Receive dollar-for-dollar Market Match discount* when you purchase vegetables, fruit and fresh cut herbs with CalFresh EBT through our online Marketplace. Email a list of the items you would like to order AND your phone number to Our customer service team will call you and take your EBT payment over the phone. Please note that some items may sell out before we can process your order. *Maximum $20 Market Match given per week while funding lasts.
  • Contact us to submit product requests and comments.
  • Contact us if you would like to offer your local products through our marketplace.

Everyday Heroes

Soil Born Farms is About Growing Food and Teaching

Soil Born Farms was selected as the focus of a recent ABC News highlight segment. “Everyday Heroes are all around us and ABC10 wants to highlight the work they do. Every week our viewers nominate people and organizations making a difference in our community.” Read the article and watch the video >>

We Miss You!

We are Moving Forward with Modifications

As an organic farm committed to practicing regenerative principles in the service of wellness and providing healthy food to our customers and community, we are determined now more than ever to do everything possible to move forward with that purpose. Behind the scenes, we are digging deep and being creative. We are revising plans, seeking emergency funding, reaching out to partners, funders and friends to help our nonprofit farm and education center survive this crisis and carry on with our mission. We are evaluating the best way for Soil Born Farms to serve our community, provide jobs for our dedicated staff and support other local farms, bakeries and small businesses. During this stage of modified reopening in Sacramento County, while the American River Ranch remains closed to the public, we are launching our online Marketplace and scheduling appointments for pickup at our Drive-thru Farmstand on Saturdays. We are planning for the months ahead and we’ll keep you updated on expanded opportunities to learn, volunteer and explore at the American River Ranch.

Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the hunger crisis, the health crisis and the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy

~Dr. Vandana Shiva

Projects & Programs

  1. Harvest Sacramento

    A collaborative effort of area residents, non-profits, community groups and businesses which harvest underutilized fruit and vegetables from backyards and small orchards and donate it to local food assistance agencies.

  2. Grow Your Groceries

    A beginning farmer and gardener training program designed to provide knowledge and hands-on experience to the aspiring urban grower. Our instructors are experienced masters of organic agriculture and horticulture and experts in farm entrepreneurship.

  3. Eat Your Veggies

    Cooking demos and educational projects at the farm stand and in the community.

  4. Growing Together

    Teacher training program supports the Garden in Every School movement, established by Delain Eastin and includes hands-on trainings and an annual symposium.

  5. Eat the Rainbow

    eatrainbow_171x107An educational program promoting healthy eating habits and adventures in the culinary arts

  6. Flower Power

    flowerpower166x104Flowers and herbs home-grown on the farm…

  7. Roots & Wings

    roots_wings200x110Our youth education program focuses on experiential, hands-on learning in the natural world and in the kitchen. Activities include: field trips, classes, workshops, farm tours, summer camp and job training.

  8. Farmer Training

    Soil Born Farms offers a unique apprenticeship in sustainable agriculture on an urban community farm. Through a combination of hands-on field work, formal classes, field trips and reading discussion, this intensive experiential education aims to train the next generation of organic farmers in the Sacramento area. The farming apprenticeship also provides a valuable foundation for those interested in working to address issues of food security, social justice, and public health. More info >

Our Goals

Local Organic Food Production

Create, manage and support urban organic farms and gardens that are accessible to the public, permanently protected for future generations, and that practice and promote responsible land stewardship.

Community Education

Develop a food and environmental education program focused on service and experiential learning in the natural world and in the kitchen for youth and adults. Activities include classes, hands-on workshops, tours, job training and youth leadership development.

Food Access for All

Address food security needs by developing alternative food distribution and food donation programs that target our underserved communities.

Reconnect with the Land

Bring people together to celebrate cultural diversity and share the simple pleasures of living life in harmony with nature.

Stay Home

A Poem by Wendell Berry

I will wait here in the fields
to see how well the rain
brings on the grass.
In the labor of the fields
longer than a man’s life
I am at home. Don’t come with me.
You stay home too.

I will be standing in the woods
where the old trees
move only with the wind
then with the gravity.
In the stillness of the trees
I am at home. Don’t come with me.
You stay home too.

Stay Tuned

Please check in regularly for updated information on our class and event schedule. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.