Planting Seeds of Self-Reliance

We Grow More Than Food

Our Roots and Wings youth education program focuses on experiential, hands-on learning in the natural world, in the garden and in the kitchen. Soil Born Farms provides youth with a better understanding of what it takes to bring food from the farm to the table and help all of us become more aware of the important connection between our food, our health and the health of our environment. This simple and profound discovery has the potential to create positive change in the world for generations to come, one person at a time.

Students of all ages engage in experiences at the farm and along the American River Parkway where they learn valuable life skills that encourage healthy living. Our Growing Together program creates similar experiences for youth on school campuses in South Sacramento. We are advocating for a garden in every school by 2020. We are advancing this initiative by sharing best practices, working with school district administrators, local businesses and partnering with teachers and like-minded organizations throughout the region.

The People Advancing Our Mission

Soil Born Farms is a social change organization comprised of a diverse group of talented and inspired individuals united around a shared vision to make a difference in our community.

Meet Our Educators

GuyquoteThere are so many special moments that happen when children visit our farm. It is so inspiring to hear the joy in the kids' voices and the happy expressions on their faces when they exclaim with wonder at the close up view of a lesser goldfinch, while they proudly carry a spade after helping turn a bed and sew it with cover crop... more from Guy Galante >>

AlyssaquoteThis past year has been truly magical. I don't think I could choose just one story to share considering that something worth sharing happens at least once a day. I am so fortunate that I get to witness the transformative power of the American River Ranch whenever we have a group of kids out for a field trip, Summer Day Camp, volunteer opportunity or special event... more from Alyssa Kassner >>

ShannonquoteOne important aspect of school garden learning is encouraging students to connect with the environment to the extent that they change some of their practices and hopefully encourage others to change as well. At Pacific Elementary, the 4th grade class has gotten very passionate about the lack of butterfly habitat that exists in their urban landscape. This week they asked me to come in as an "expert" so they could ask questions to further their study and plan toward building a butterfly habitat for the kinder class on campus... more from Shannon Hardwicke >>

BritquoteMy favorite part of farm stand is greeting new families. The children are often excited to be in open space where they can run, be loud, and touch earth; the parents are often joyful to slow down, soak in the views, and share this special place with their children. I am reminded that this is how we build community: With kindness, patience and celebration of nature... more from Brit Schneider >>

We count on your generous support to continue our work and service to the community.

Cultivating Change & Making Progress

A few of our accomplishments this year:

ladybug bullet  3,250 students learned about healthy food, gardening, cooking
      and environmental stewardship

ladybug bullet  375 teachers received training

ladybug bullet  50 school gardens supported    

ladybug bullet  300 people attended A Garden in Every School Symposium

ladybug bullet  1,300 volunteers engaged in this work    

ladybug bullet  550 young fruit trees cared for in our orchards

ladybug bullet  76,000 organic plants seeded in our greenhouse

Note: Cited facts are from 2015

quoteWe are proud supporters of Soil Born Farms, one of the most amazing non-profit organizations in Sacramento, dedicated to the wellness and wholeness of our community and our planet. It's mission is about making a difference in the health of our community and transforming a shared vision of healthy food for all into a local reality. Our health begins with our food and with the soil in which it is raised. Soil Born's work is at the heart of creating health for all.

~Don Wreden, MD, Senior VP, Sutter Health & Maxine Barish-Wreden, MD, Medical Director, Sutter Health Institute for Health & Healing, Sacramento

Please Help Us:

• Prevent diet-related diseases with good nutrition.
• Raise awareness about healthy eating and organic agriculture.
• Empower and create self-reliance through education and engagement.
• Grow and harvest more food in the city.
• Provide life-changing experiences for youth.
• Build more school gardens and train teachers.
• Teach organic farming methods and train urban farmers.
• Protect and conserve natural resources.
• Establish a Center for Food, Health & the Environment at the American River Ranch.